University of New England Scholarship


1.       Introduction

The University of New England has established undergraduate scholarships to support students who have a record of academic achievement, and have been involved in leadership positions in school and the community. Some scholarships are funded by donations or grants from individuals or organisations and may include specific criteria beyond the usual University requirements.

The recipient of the Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW Scholarship will be a full-time on or off campus student deemed disadvantaged (according to Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW definition) or intending to work with disadvantaged people on graduation in an undergraduate degree at the University of New England.

Lord’s Taverners was established in the UK in 1950 and registered as a charity dedicated to the promotion of cricket among young people.  Today, Lords’ Taverners Australia is a Federated autonomous organisation with branches in all States and Territories and approximately 3000 members.  These members come from all walks of life, with media, the professions, the arts, entertainment and business communities being well represented.  What we have in common is a love of sport generally, a love of cricket in particular, but most importantly a desire to raise money to support disadvantaged and/or handicapped young people.  Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW was established in 2009, and has already made a significant impact on this widespread region of Australia.

Some scholarships may affect Centrelink payments.  It is the recipient’s responsibility to seek advice from Centrelink.

2.       Details

Value:                                      $7,000 per annum

Number Awarded:                  1

Duration:                                 Duration of degree

Study Mode:                            Full-time on or off campus

3.       Eligibility

  • The scholarship is open to students who are disadvantaged according to Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW definition, or who intend to work with disadvantaged people on graduation.
  • Disadvantage must be able to be demonstrated in one or more of the following categories:
    • Financial disadvantage; or
    • Disadvantage due to remoteness (geographical isolation); or
    • Physical/Intellectual disability; or
    • Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; or
    • Marginalized or minority group.
  • The applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident as defined by the Commonwealth (refer to
  • The applicant must be entering an undergraduate degree at the University of New England in the year after application.

4.       Selection

  • Selection will be made by the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee in consultation with the donor.  You may also be asked to attend an interview with the donor.  By applying for this scholarship you agree to have information that is required to ascertain your eligibility forwarded to the donor who is not an employee of UNE.  All information gathered will be treated with discretion.
  • The applicant must attach evidence to support financial need, which may be:
    • a copy of a Centrelink statement;
    • their parent’s/parents’ Income Tax Return/s (if dependent); or
    • their own Income Tax Return (if independent); and
    • a letter from an authorised person (e.g. family doctor, accountant) that comments on the applicant’s financial circumstances.
    • The applicant should provide a written statement describing how they would benefit from the scholarship.  The statement should also include obstacles they have overcome in financial, geographic, cultural or other disadvantages.
    • If the applicant is a commencing student, the scholarship will be awarded on the basis of level of need and academic merit as indicated by the applicant’s performance in the NSW HSC, or equivalent as well as other relevant factors.
    • If the applicant has left school several years previously, subsequent experiences and qualifications will also be taken into account.
    • The Undergraduate Scholarship Committee will also consider:
      • Involvement and leadership in school, university and community activities; and
      • Commitment to the course

5.       Report/s

Number required:   1 (one) – Reference commenting on the applicant’s

involvement and leadership in university and community activities; and

1 (one) – School Principal’s report (if commencing student)

6.       Closing Date

End of January – This Scholarship is currently awarded and will not be available to new applicants in 2017.

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