Females in Sport

ladies-togetherFemales in Sport (FinS)

The Females in Sport or FinS program aims to help support local girls and women to discover, participate or pursue their goals in sports and sporting activities.

Too often where you live and the cost of joining a sport or lack of transport  restrict girls and women and stops them from achieving their sporting goals.

Through our support we aim to: 

  • enhance sporting/physically active opportunities for local rural girls and women targeting skill, ability, age, socioeconomic disadvantage and ethnicity
  • encourage positive role modeling in sport by promoting local female sporting champions
  • provide opportunities for local females, regardless of age, to participate/train/compete in sporting/physical activities that may not be available to them as it would be to women residing in metropolitan areas.
  • support leadership and learning opportunities in sport that may not otherwise be available for rural girls and women.
  • promote the importance of physical activity for physical, emotional, mental and social well being in rural women
  • celebrate and promote the important principles of fair play, respect and social connection within local female sports/activities

The Females in Sport program will target:

  • School aged girls aged 7-12
  • Adolescents & women (13 years and over)
  • Individual sportswomen

Lord’s Taverners in consultation with our local community and sporting organisations will identify a range of strategies to support females of all ages to participate, train or compete in sporting activities so as to improve local sporting opportunities for girls and women, improving their sporting chance to reach their sporting potential.

For more information about the program and the various activities we will be supporting or if you have ideas on how we can support our local girls and women,  please contact the Lord’s Taverners Females in Sport Committee on fins@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au