Our Administrative Committee

Our Executive Committee oversees the administration of the Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW Branch:

President: Bruce Ward  president@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au

Co-Chairs: Graeme Hoskins & Warren Phelps  chairman@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au

Vice-Chair: Joanne Cooper

Foundation Chair: Stan Gilchrist

Secretary: Ruth Tinker  secretary@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au

Treasurers: John Buttrum  & Ralph Gregory treasurer@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au

Committee members: Warren Phelps, Grahame Gooding, Jenny Cook, Denis Byrne, John McCaffery, Ralph Gregory, Suzette Pearce, Graeme Hoskins, Steve Clough, Naomi White, Lisa Fahy, Neil Boyd and Jennifer Mossfield.

Programme Committees/Officers:

Committee Contact Email
Individual Grants Grahame Gooding grants@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Events Bruce Ward events@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
T20 Cricket John Bancroft T20@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Sports Camps Steve Clough camps@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Overseas Opportunities Graeme Hoskins crickplace@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Further Education Joanne Cooper & Bruce Ward furthereducation@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Our House Denis Byrne ourhouse@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
FinS Jenny Cook fins@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
All Abilities Sport Coordinator John McCaffery allabilities@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Grant Application Coordinator Denis Byrne  fundraising@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Raffle Coordinator Warren Phelps ltnnswraffle@gmail.com
Community Event Liaison Officer Graeme Hoskins community@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Membership Officer Warren Phelps chairman@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au
Social Media & Website Naomi White Graeme Hoskins Joanne Cooper Suzette Pearce media@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au

Please email the Contact Person directly if you would like to know more about the work that these programmes do.